Kenny Tranquille

Kenny Tranquille

Hi, I am Kenny Tranquille, the founder of UrBod (Your bod) Consulting. My mission is simply, to make healthy easy.

"Behavioural science is at the core of this business. UrBod Consulting specialises in the application of behavioural insights to support and empower individuals and organisations to make healthier choices."

My Background

I am a qualified nutritionist and behavioural change expert, and with my nutrition and behavioural change background, I empower individuals and teams to find novel and simple ways to improve health & wellbeing using Food Choice Architecture. I am told that I have a unique ability to engage with clients and customers, helping them to identify which key components within their environments (both external and internal) can be modified to achieve their desired outcomes. I set up UrBod Consulting after working with Compass at Google for three and a half years, bringing behavioural science insights into the global Google Food programme.

Who do I work with

I work with two main types of clients, CEOs & MDs and small and medium-sized foodservice caterers in the Business and Industry and Education sectors. Over the years, I have have been worked with a diverse range of clients from media & retail to finance, law, accounting and banking. Creating and delivering workplace wellbeing workshops, seminars, wellbeing programmes as well coaching executives individually.

CEOs, leaders and MDs

My executive wellbeing clients understand that high performance is built upon a foundation of good habits and that their own health forms an integral part of their business strategy. They want to future-proof themselves and their business

Foodservice Caterers

Our preferred business partners acknowledge that accomplished Nutrition and Behavioural Science professionals can enable them to benefit from the ever-increasing consumer-driven healthy eating trend. These are foodservice caterers who want to shape their sector and meet the emerging client requirements for customer health & wellbeing.