Balancing stress naturally

Learn how to balance stress naturally.


  • 60 min workshop.
  • Highly interactive.
  • Group work and work in pairs.
  • (Optional) Post course e-prompts and coaching to help integrate learning into day-to-day behaviours.
  • Max recommended group size 30.

The abridged version of this seminar can be hosted as a lunchtime talk.


  • Why are we all so stressed?
  • What is stress?
  • Why diet affects your Stress levels.
  • Exploring ways to reduce your stress levels.

What participants can do as a result

  • Have a clearer understanding of why they may be so stressed.
  • Identify the ten factors that affect stress levels.
  • Understand how stimulants stress the body.
  • Be able to select the right types of foods to reduce their stress levels.
  • Establish new healthier ideas about what to eat during the day.


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