Nutrition & Food Choice Architecture

NFCA has been well-documented as exerting a measurable positive impact on consumer buying patterns and UrBod is the UK's leading Nutrition & Food Choice Architecture consultancy.

UK's leading Nutrition & Food Choice Architecture Consultancy

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Food Choice Architecture Quote

"Consumers are increasingly aware of and demanding more healthful foods and beverages but this does not in practice translate into healthful food choices". Kenny Tranquille, Food Choice Architect

Traditional approaches
Supporting employee healthy eating encompasses the provision of healthier options and the development of informed foodservice teams; both elements contribute to an environment that facilitates the consistent individual behaviour change underpinning healthy habits. Traditional approaches to health behaviour change have been rooted in theories of rational decision-making which assumed that human behaviour is reasoned, intentional and within an individual’s conscious control. As such, it was believed that the simple provision of information on the health effects of diet would empower people to make healthier choices. To date, this increased knowledge and awareness has resulted in changes in eating patterns but the majority of customers are confused.

It's all about context
The emerging field of Food Choice Architecture (FCA) gathers insights from disciplines including behavioural economics, neuroscience, marketing, cognitive and social psychology. These insights indicate that the way in which food choices are presented predictably influences consumer decisions to either encourage better choices or dissuade poor choices. FCA employed within a cafe, restaurant or other food service setting can influence food choice by changing the properties or placement of particular foods and beverages or reconfiguring merchandising or marketing.

What does UrBod Consulting offer?
The combination of ‘enhanced’ nutrition education, either as part of a full-service FCA programme or as a stand-alone offering, has been shown to positively influence consumer choice. When performed successfully and sensitively, such strategic environmental alterations encourage shifts in behaviour that require little effort in terms of willpower on the part of the customer and reduces their potential for feelings of deprivation. FCA has been well-documented as exerting a measurable positive impact on consumer buying patterns.

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